2015 Catalog

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Şatel Örme A.Ş. founded in İzmir in 1989, is a member of the company union consisting of MASEKPORT A.Ş., ŞANTEKS and ŞIK DÜĞME, all operating in the field of textile.

MASEKSPORT A.Ş. manufactures ready-made clothing, ŞANTEKS manufactures zippers, metal buttons and accessories and ŞIK DÜĞME is engaged in wholesale trade of all kinds of accessories in terms of textile.

The orders of the customers are manufactured as unprocessed, painted or printed along with the wishes of the customers at the highest quality and delivered to them as series in Şatel Örme.

Şatel Örme, built on a 2500 m2 closed area, has a production capacity of approximately 300tons of knit fabric thanks to 33 knitting machines.

Şatel Örme manufactures fancy fabrics other than single jersey, interlock, double-knit and triple-knit fabric qualities and offers alternative qualities for the customers.

Şatel Örme adopts to ensure the customer satisfaction as the principle by delivering products at affordable and appropriate prices and timely and at the desired quality by using the latest technology and improving itself in order to ensure competition against the evolving markets.